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Angular 2 Quick Tutorials

Angular 2
Angular 2 is an open source JavaScript/TypeScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript/TypeScript and has been conceived as a mobile first approach.

* Angular2 is faster and easier than AngularJS 1.
* It supports latest version of browsers and also supports old browsers.
* It is a cross platform framework.
* Angular 2 is mainly focused on mobile applications.
* Code structure is very simplified than the previous version of Angular.

* If an application is a heavy load, then Angular2 keeps it fully UI responsive.
* It uses server side rendering for fast views on mobile.
* It works well with ECMAScript and other languages that compile to JavaScript.
* It uses dependency injection to maintain apps without writing too long code.
* Everything will be the component based approach.
* The TypeScript is a super set of JavaScript which is migrated to TypeScript and code written in TypeScript makes less prone to run time erros.

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